Christmas Movies *BLOGMAS*


There is always good time to enjoy some nice movie. But New Year’s holidays are made for a cup of hot cocoa like the one that I prepare and you can find the post right here, and enjoy the coziness of the home with some good movies. Outside is cold, at home is warm and you have that hot get the point : ) Of course you can watch every movie whenever you like, but there are some movies that are especially warmer to watch them in winter time.

Let’s press enter 🙂


I don’t have that much that I can suggest, but I have few that I think that you will like.

The storyline is about few people that are searching for love. I will not tell you more, if you haven’t seen it, I recommend it. You can tell me in the comments if you liked it 🙂


New Year’s Eve 


The second one is for everyone. For me, there is no age limit for watching cartoons. If I like it – I will most definitely watch it…probably several times.

The kids will especially enjoy it, but young people or maybe even more elderly people will like it too because of the storyline.




Based on a true story, is about a dog that is half-wolf and is rejected by the town that he lives in. Again, I’m not going to tell you much, except that it has some good points.

I hope you are having a great time so far.

Remember to do something good today.

Stay positive 🙂

Regards from Antidote 😉


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