Ziaja med face cream & DENOVA pro lotion


Hi my Readers 🙂
This post will be about skin care for the face.

       I have been a fan of Ziaja for a long time. I use their products all the time and one of the small numbers of things that I keep repurchasing is one face cream of Ziaja. I will try to make posts about their products (at least the products that I use) and make it easier for you to make an opinion whether you should buy some of their products, or not.

Keep in mind that I bought all of these products by myself, this opinions are my own and might not meet the results that you are searching for due to the difference in the skin.

       When It comes to skin care on my face, I try to combine two items from the same line so I can use them together and see the results. When I was buying this two, they were out of stock of some products, so I combined 2 products from DENOVA pro and the original Ziaja company. In case you didn’t know, DENOVA pro is a branch from ZIAJA.


Ziaja med face lotion & DENOVA pro face cream 

Ziaja med face lotion & DENOVA pro face cream 1


Ziaja med face lotion

Ziaja med face lotion 1

Zaia MED, antibacterial face toner (description from the official web page):

„ Gently cleanses the skin. Helps reduce sebum and soothe acne lesions. Restores skin natural pH. Reduces feeling of epidermis tension. Prepares the skin for further cosmetic treatment. Fragrance, alcohol and colorants free. “

 See more at: http://ziaja.co.uk/ziaja-med/3917,anti-acne-cream#sthash.ggts3iGR.dpuf

The bottle contains 200 ml. of product. It cleanses my skin, removes the residue of the makeup that I may wore. The interesting thing for me is that is fragrance and alcohol free and I like that because it makes me think that it really works, is not more damaging my skin and does not leave a weird taste around the areas of my mouth.


DENOVA pro face cream 

DENOVA pro face cream 1

DENOVA pro, antibacterial cream (description from the official web page):

  • Reduces bacterial growth.
  • Works to normalize sebaceous gland activity, helps control the excessive skin oiliness.

Active ingredients: compound of the oleanolic and nordihydroguaiaretetic acids, nori algae, provitamin B5 (D-Panthenol), Salicylic acid, vitamin C.

 See more at: http://ziaja.co.uk/ziaja-med/3917,anti-acne-cream#sthash.ggts3iGR.dpuf


The packaging contains 60ml of product. I really like this product but I use it sparingly because they don’t bring it in my country anymore and I can’t seem to find it anywhere. For those who like matte skin, this mattifies it reeealy well, it’s perfect for a long-wearing makeup (under the foundation) and the most beautiful thing is that works well at cleaning acne. I get acne from time to time and I use this cream locally (only on the acne) and it dries them overnight. So, If you have really oily skin and you can’t find something that doesn’t make your makeup slide off your face, this is a product that I think it will work well.


This two product together make a good surface for applying makeup for oily skin: the lotion cleans the oiliness from the skin and the cream helps the face stay matte all day long.


I hope that you will find my opinions helpful.

Remember to do something good today.

Stay positive =)

Regards from Antidote 😉



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